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Gunderson Rehabilitation Center

If an injury or illness has impaired you or a loved one, you may have a lot of concerns about your recovery and future health. The Gunderson Rehabilitation Center, located on the sixth floor of Lehigh Valley Hospital-Hazleton, can help alleviate your fear by providing a supportive, caring environment.

Named after Dr. Robert L. Gunderson, a Hazleton physician with more than 40 years experience, our 16-bed unit is staffed by a top team of skilled rehabilitation professionals.

We always place the emphasis on a patient's abilities rather than disabilities. This positive approach helps give patients the confidence they need to make the best recovery possible.

Our patients have experienced accidents, stroke, neurological disorders, arthritis and other impairments. When patients are referred to us, they are considered by their physicians to be medically stable and physically able to begin a comprehensive rehabilitation program consisting of at least three hours of therapy a day, five days a week. This intensive program is modified to meet the individual patient's needs and abilities.

And not only do patients learn to do as much for themselves as possible, family members also learn how to provide positive reinforcement and take an active role in the rehabilitation process. Dr. Terence F. Duffy, medical director of Gunderson Rehabilitation, and Syed F.A. Qadri, M.D., associate medical director of Gunderson Rehabilitation, work closely alongside staff members to provide patients with a high-quality inpatient rehabilitation experience.

Getting started – the rehabilitation process

The therapy process at the Gunderson Rehabilitation Center is a combination of assessment, treatment, education, and follow-up. We focus on the emotional, as well as physical, needs of the patient.


Upon admission to the Gunderson Rehabilitation Center, you'll be given a comprehensive evaluation, which includes a medical history and lifestyle evaluation. Based on this evaluation, we develop a personal treatment plan that will help you reach your particular goals.


Dr. Duffy leads a staff that includes highly skilled physical and occupational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, speech pathologists, social workers, rehabilitation specialists and other qualified rehabilitation professionals.

Together, they provide a treatment plan just for you. The team meets regularly to discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your plan to ensure you experience optimum recovery. We always keep you informed of your treatment recommendations and progress so you are involved with your recovery every step of the way.


Teaching patients and family members techniques for recovery is an important part of the rehabilitation process at the Gunderson Center. Our education program includes topics such as joint protection, energy conservation, pain management, fall prevention and more.


Before patients are discharged, our rehabilitation team meets with them and their families to make sure the necessary support systems are in place to help after they return home. We also call patients to make sure their recovery is progressing and all concerns are being answered.

Admission to the Gunderson Rehabilitation Center – the referral process

Patients can be referred and admitted to the Gunderson Center from home, the hospital, or another care facility. Referrals can be made by physicians, social workers, nurses, discharge planners, or other health care workers, insurance providers, and the patient and/or family members directly.

Our rehabilitation team members perform free pre-admission screenings on all potential patients within four hours of the referral to determine if they will benefit from our comprehensive rehabilitation program.

To be eligible for admission to the Gunderson Rehabilitation Center, patients must:

  • Be medically stable
  • Be able to tolerate three hours of therapy Monday through Friday and weekends if needed
  • Require 24-hour rehabilitative nursing services
  • Need at least two forms of therapy
  • Have the potential to improve function or achieve independence
  • Have an identified discharge placement
  • Be willing to participate with the team in the rehabilitation process

The Dr. Robert L. Gunderson Rehabilitation Center accepts most major insurance carriers including Medicare. Benefits are verified prior to admission.

For more information regarding the Gunderson Rehabilitation Center, or to arrange a tour of the floor, call 570-501-4600.